GolfNow Central

IT software for golf course operators to manage tee times, marketing initiatives, and pricing packages


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GolfNow presents themselves as a one-size-fits-all software suite for managing golf courses — and while it's imperfect in a handful of ways, its comprehensive approach to fulfilling all of the needs of gold course owners is impressive. Even better, it creates a hub that's inviting to staff, pros, and golfers as well as owners and managers. By folding all of that into one package, it can help ensure that everyone out on the green and in the pro shop are all on the same page.

The front end of the GolfNow Central hub will look familiar to anyone who's used a flight or hotel booking website or app before. A simple search calendar helps you find golf courses and tee times in your area and book an appointment directly through the interface. It's a clean design that should be comfortable to new users, and that familiarity makes it a great choice for managers who want to position their club more front and center.

But its role as a listing directory is just the most forward-facing aspects of the GolfNow Central interface. The meatier experience is about the data underlying appointments, and the Central interface builds dashboards focused on wringing the most information out of that data. These dashboards provide the information you need on which tee times are filling up and which aren't, and it can even transform this information into sales analysis — more specifically, whether or not your cost and demand are properly in balance.

These dashboards are completely customizable and you can shift between multiple screens in a given account, but GolfNow Central is specifically built for the demands of owners or managers of multiple properties. Shifting between the big picture results and the more specific data points of a particular course can be achieved with just a click or two. And once you decide that you want to make a change, it's just as easy to adjust the pricing for any of your tee times.

Bridging the gap between operator and golfer is the presence of a fully-featured customer relationship management (CRM) system. If a lack of attention is the problem with your course, GolfNow Central can provide the sort of outreach you need. Visibility using the GolfNow directory is an obvious bonus, but it's just one. GolfNow can also walk you through every step of creating and maintaining an email marketing campaign with prospective customers, and GolfNow Central can even serve as a critical point of interaction for your other services. Whether it's changing up the pricing at your restaurant or adjusting rental costs, GolfNow Central places all of the pertinent information in just the right place.


  • Covers all the fundamentals for a golf course owner or manager
  • Supported by a well-designed and attractive scheduling front end
  • Integrates a CRM platform and inventory management


  • Some features can seem extraneous
  • Dashboards can get overly crowded